About us

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REMARKIT is an independent distributor and trader, specialized in server, storage and networking IT hardware. We supply and trade-in all A brands such as IBM, NetApp, EMC, Cisco, Oracle / Sun and server, storage and networking equipment. This can be either state-of-the-art, as well as used, refurbished and end-of life products.

The advantages explained below:

  • Extending your standardization process. Corporate administrators are often faced with hardware related imaging problems. They often needlessly spend a lot of time rewriting processes, just because new equipment does not always recognize the current image. With REMARKIT end-of-life models continue to be available. Sometimes even new, including original factory warranty.
  • REMARKIT uses large global networks to deliver products as quickly as possible and at competitive prices. We ship, import and supply goods from all over the world in just a few days. So why wait weeks for that one server?
  • Thanks to our many years of experience, inhouse technicians and (pre-sales) consultants, REMARKIT can help you regardless of the challenge you have.

Whether it comes to availability, pricing or saving time and money, REMARKIT can and will be an asset to your company due to our ability to think outside the box, providing you, if necessary, with an alternative solution to your problem.

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